July 10, 2011

araabMUZIK: “Streetz Tonight”

I’m admittedly rather ashamed that it took Pitchfork for me to really give this album the attention it deserved, but the new araabMUZIK release, Electronic Dream, is absolutely mental. Let that be known. However, I have two questions:

  1. Did Helen Keller mix and master this album?
  2. Why don’t you, araabMUZIK, change up your drum samples every once in a while?
July 1, 2011


The first in a series of remixes on 12” vinyl will be released on Monday 4th July (or Tuesday in the US & Canada).

The series kicks off with Caribou remixing Little by Little, and a remix of Lotus Flower by Jacques Greene, both of which we we’re really excited about.

Hopefully you will find the vinyl in your local independent record shop, but if not, you can buy by mailorder here from the 4th. If you don’t have a record player, high quality digital WAV or FLAC versions will be available here, here and here, or as MP3 or WAV from our own site here.

More 12” remixes will be released every couple of weeks over the summer until we run out of remixes… or summer. On the next one we’ve got Nathan Fake (Morning Mr Magpie) and remixes of Bloom by Mark Pritchard.



While U2 flounders on Broadway with Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, Damon Albarn is readying his second piece of musical theatre, Doctor Dee (Monkey was his first). Although it’s not new Gorillaz or Blur material, it’s always nice to hear from Albarn.

"Apple Carts"

"The Reigning Queen"

June 30, 2011


If you want to download the songs found on this blog and other tumblr-based blogs, here’s some top secret info:

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Internet Explorer users: Get Chrome or Firefox and follow the above instructions.

HUSH HUSH: “I Know Your Panties So Wet”

Yeah, it’s mixed horribly. Yeah, it’s sleazy. But HUSH HUSH is making some electronic R&B with tongue-in-cheek Prince hypereroticism. It’s damn catchy and more than occasionally hilarious. Catch his mythic stage show on tour with Yeasayer and The Smith Westerns and snatch his music via bandcamp.


After a stellar EP release in 2009’s Hard Steppin’, Ikebe Shakedown released its full-length debut at the beginning of this month. Culling from the classic blaxploitation sound of the 1970s, this Brooklyn outfit boasts one of the most impressive releases of the year. If you have a taste for Afro rhythms, jazz, funk, or disco, get out your wallet and add Ikebe Shakedown to your library. [Buy]

B. Bravo: “Computa Love”

You might call it futuristic baby-making music. Or maybe synthetic funk. Purple, even. Whatever it is, you need it on your iPod. A Friday night drive on the highway with the windows down will allow this lush, sensual soundscape to breathe and will permit these danceworthy bass lines to bump properly. You can find B. Bravo’s Computa Love EP for purchase on iTunes and Boomkat.


Did you know that the War in Afghanistan isn’t the only war going on right now? In production studios across the world, the Loudness War rages on. If you care about audio quality, you should care about the Loudness War. Here’s some resources where you can learn more about the conflict…

Even some albums you know and love may be among the transgressors. Recently, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy stands as one of the worst and This Is Happening by LCD Soundsystem as one of the best.

Jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD have released part two of their Odd Future sessions, which put a classy spin on Tyler’s grimmest instrumentals. According to their Twitter, the threesome are set to record a debut. Check their YouTube channel for a reimagination of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Electric Relaxation.”

If you’re wondering what I look like, here’s a live webcam.

If you’re wondering what I look like, here’s a live webcam.

Jonny Greenwood does not age.

Jonny Greenwood does not age.

SBTRKT: “Trials of the Past”

Boasting one of the coolest album covers we’ve seen this year, SBTRKT’s self-titled debut is among the best releases this year. If it must be put in a box, package it as a more upbeat, wonkier James Blake with IDM sensibility.